Dead Horses Shouldn’t Move

But sometimes they aren’t dead yet. Then again, it’s not feeling much better either.

A tempest in a teapot is getting stirred up over something that happened to me a year and a half ago. Actually, it wasn’t directly related to me.  It was about Sharon’s SATC review, comments by Wintermute, and Kat’s reaction to said comment.  Sharon’s let it go.  Kat’s apologized.  Let’s all just move on.

Since there are some folks out there who may not know the context of Kat and Sharon’s comments, here’s my post on what happened to me and how I was given an opportunity to walk in love to someone who hurt me.

I love both Kat and Sharon. They are among my dearest friends. I appreciate their defense of me at the time and their friendship since.

I am not looking for nor do I need an apology from Wintermute.  This is only for those who may seek to understand the context for some of the feelings that Kat and Sharon may have.

God’s grace is always abundant.


I would post the video here but apparently I’m not sophisticated enough and can’t get vimeo to work with WordPress.

So here’s the link to Pastor Pete’s blog post about it. I will have a longer post on the subject soon.

Wives Working

Not that this is something I need to be concerned about at the present time, I was listening to a series of messages from John MacArthur (Grace to You podcast).  He said in both of his sermons on wives and husbands in a Christian marriage that it is bad for a wife to work outside of the home because it sends her out into an unGodly world out from under the protection of her husband.

Both times I’ve heard this, I’ve bristled at it.  While it makes sense to a certain degree, it also says to me that there is an idea that a wife cannot function without her husband.  Its absurd extension is abuse and isolation (which are NOT part of a Godly marriage.  A man truly modeling Jesus Christ would NEVER do that kind of behavior.)

What do you think?

Living Life to the Fullest – Young@Heart

It’s playing in Nashville right now. Run! Don’t WALK to Green Hills to see it. It was sold out both sessions at NFF. I was thrilled to see it playing here so soon afterwards. The film is better than anything I heard about it before.

Young@Heart is about a seniors chorus in MA preparing for another show and European tour. 70 and 80 year olds, touring Europe… singing rock songs. Their zest for life is amazing.

Bring tissues. You’ll need them.

They even brought some prisoners to tears with their version of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”, dedicated to one of their members they lost over night. I’ve found a bunch of clips on youtube and put them together in this playlist. Watch them and be encouraged. You are only as young as you think you are. And while the one lady may be 92, she acts younger in mind and spirit than alot of 25 year olds. God bless them!

New Bible

I just purchased the Reformation Study Bible in the English Standard Version. It is a word for word translation, which is different from my much beloved NIV study Bible which is thought-for-thought.

Last night, I sat on my back deck reading Genesis 1 and got about 4 verses in and nearly exclaimed outloud “HAVE I EVER READ THIS BEFORE?!” It was new. It was as though I had never read any of the Bible before. No notes from previous studies. New footnotes and explanations at the bottom.

I kept reading “In the Beginning, God…” over and over. Pastor Mark at Mars Hill hammered on that in his sermons on Creation recently. The Holy Spirit was there. Looking at John 1, we know Jesus (the Word) was there, too. And difference in creation methods.. He spoke and things came to be. He used His hands to make humans. His word is so powerful to make solar systems yet He tenderly formed Adam in the palm of his hand. The metaphor of the Potter’s Hands is even more profound when I think about it like that.