Making Connections

Last night, I bounced all over Scripture. I would have to look at my notes to tell you about any central theme. Right now, I don’t recall one. But what I can tell you is that I am very excited about where these days and this study will take me. I know that by the end of 60 days, I will be so different – it will amaze even those closest to me. I believe that. You can’t spend time with God and not be changed, encouraged, and strengthened.

What I am enjoying right now is all of the connections between verses I’ve known for years but never figured out that they are related. Concepts. Doctrine. It just tickles me to see how the word is knit together so closely. According to a recent podcast on (Bible Version Alphabet Soup), somewhere around 22% of Christians read their Bible on a regular basis. I shouldn’t be surprised by that number. Somehow I am, though. I would read devotionals but not my Bible. They are not the same thing. No devotional or external study book can replace reading God’s word for yourself. They can help clarify things you don’t understand. They can take you in new directions.

Also, I can’t wait to learn more. Anytime I can, I have buried myself in looking up scripture on Bible Gateway. I listen to podcasts and jot down notes and verses to look up when I can. I want to know more now! 🙂


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