Cats in Racks

That’s a popular feature at Cute Overload where little bebbeh kittehs are tucked inside the shirts of women.

This has a point. Pastor Pete had a post on what men think about (sex, football, beer) based on a post at FlowerDust on modesty.

I am in agreement that men and women should behave and dress in a manner that is glorifying to God. Excessive cleavage, peeking thongs and the crotch of one’s pants at the knees don’t exactly fit. I know there are women at church wearing things they shouldn’t be wearing – no matter where they are. Why are we mature Christians who KNOW them not pulling a Titus 2 act, coming along side of them and saying “spaghetti strap tank tops that leave your girls hanging out are not church wear”? It’s easy to denounce a behavior from a blog post. It’s alot harder to put yourself out there and risk an explosion to do what is right. (Guilty as charged. My prayer of late has been ‘God make me more bold to speak Your truth in love and grace.’ We often think this has to do with reaching the lost. Talking to believers about what they are thinking about or wearing falls right in line with this prayer.)

Key phrase: you should know them. If you don’t, get someone who does to talk to them. If it is someone they trust, I believe they are more likely to consider the advice seriously as opposed to being or feeling as though they are being harassed.

What I absolutely do NOT agree with is the trend I’ve seen that puts the entire responsibility of male lust on women. That no matter what we wear short of a burka, we are going to cause a man to lust. When I saw the movie “Pussycat Preacher” recently, Heather had spent weeks working on getting a group of strippers to come to her church (she was a former stripper and soft-core porn star who had a radical encounter with Jesus. She started a ministry to reach out to strippers. The movie documents that tale.) One of the staff members at the church was violently opposed to the strippers even coming in the building because they would insight a man to lust. ‘Because everyone knows who they are. Everyone knows what they do.’

When we finally saw the group of girls in question, they were wearing nice dress shirts, jeans, and blazers. Their arms were covered. Their boobs were covered. Their legs were covered. The only thing that bothered me was excessive use of eyeshadow, but that shouldn’t lead a man astray. (And yes, I do think some of the outfits the Christians wore to church were too little, bearing too much skin. They had less clothes on than the strippers. You can see some of that in the trailer.)

Dude – that’s your problem. You need to sit down with God, confess your sin, get some accountability from your pastor or another leader. When the woman isn’t doing anything to provoke you – it’s not her fault.

In the case of the strippers at church in the movie, if they are dressed well (as they were), behaving like normal people (which they were) – show them the love of Christ. Be friendly and welcoming. There was no reason to accost them in the parking lot and forcing them to say the Sinner’s Prayer. They have enough reason to be distrustful of Christians (and people in general) without you adding to it. When they do have that encounter with Jesus, He will show them that their profession is wrong. He will do it in the light of His love for them to know Him and have a better life, filled with hope and joy – not condemnation.



  1. august · May 15, 2008

    I think the strippers would be extra careful not to incite. They can’t pretend they don’t know what incitement is. Many church going women cling to the illusion that they can wear anything they want and it shouldn’t have an effect. Well, there are those of us who love the Lord and will take whatever steps necessary, and then there are all the other men out there. The strippers have been dealing alot with the other men.
    Plus, my guess is the bulk of this sentiment against these women is coming from the women anyway. The men are already putting up with plenty of bared flesh. What’s a little more going to do? However remote the possibility, many women fear competition.
    The thing that worries me is the “rock star” nature of ministries in American christianity. Fame brings temptation too, and the formation of an ex-stripper’s spiritual life is best done away from bright lights and constant exposure.

    I’m a Catholic, which I mention just to be clear I think the above about most of these sorts of ministries and not just the ones run by former strippers. We would do well to make sure the public doesn’t confuse the christian message with an advertisement.

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