New Bible

I just purchased the Reformation Study Bible in the English Standard Version. It is a word for word translation, which is different from my much beloved NIV study Bible which is thought-for-thought.

Last night, I sat on my back deck reading Genesis 1 and got about 4 verses in and nearly exclaimed outloud “HAVE I EVER READ THIS BEFORE?!” It was new. It was as though I had never read any of the Bible before. No notes from previous studies. New footnotes and explanations at the bottom.

I kept reading “In the Beginning, God…” over and over. Pastor Mark at Mars Hill hammered on that in his sermons on Creation recently. The Holy Spirit was there. Looking at John 1, we know Jesus (the Word) was there, too. And difference in creation methods.. He spoke and things came to be. He used His hands to make humans. His word is so powerful to make solar systems yet He tenderly formed Adam in the palm of his hand. The metaphor of the Potter’s Hands is even more profound when I think about it like that.


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