Living Life to the Fullest – Young@Heart

It’s playing in Nashville right now. Run! Don’t WALK to Green Hills to see it. It was sold out both sessions at NFF. I was thrilled to see it playing here so soon afterwards. The film is better than anything I heard about it before.

Young@Heart is about a seniors chorus in MA preparing for another show and European tour. 70 and 80 year olds, touring Europe… singing rock songs. Their zest for life is amazing.

Bring tissues. You’ll need them.

They even brought some prisoners to tears with their version of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”, dedicated to one of their members they lost over night. I’ve found a bunch of clips on youtube and put them together in this playlist. Watch them and be encouraged. You are only as young as you think you are. And while the one lady may be 92, she acts younger in mind and spirit than alot of 25 year olds. God bless them!


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