Dancing to a Spiritual Lesson

If you know me at all, I’m obsessed with dancing. Right after being faithful to God, it’s what I breathe for. So, being away for the last six months has been a really big downer. I’d miss it, then talk myself into not missing ‘I can live with out it.’ Then I’d miss it more. People would call. Send me emails.

So, finally in early May, I went back for a social dance. Everyone was so happy to see me. David Hamilton announced my return over the PA during the dance.

Then I went away for another month. On Wednesday, I had my first lesson in 6 months. When I walked in, David walked away from the pro couple he was coaching to give me a hug and welcome me back. It was like being with family (of the relatively sane variety).

I came back because Andrei and Elena were there coaching and probably not even broken limbs would have stopped me from a coaching session with Andrei. He’s hot, talented, a gifted teacher, AND he’s nice! Really nice! Authentically nice! And he and Elena as so in love with each other, it’s adorable and something to aspire to. And he has an iPhone. Heh.

When I go in on Friday for my coaching session, Andrei asks what I’ve been working on since he saw me last.

“Not much. I haven’t been here since December.”

“What?! How do you survive without dancing?! Answer that.”

“Well, I survive but I am not really living. I miss it terribly.”

“Ah… yes… good answer… very true.”

“You remember me?”

“Of course. When I met you, you surprise me. You are very teachable. You knew so much for only been dancing for 2 years and you made corrections so easily. Why wouldn’t I remember you? “

As an aside, my belly dance teacher calls me a machine. Corrections are made nearly instantly and they tend to stick. So, after I swooned and picked myself up off the floor (ok, not really) we get into the lesson working on a type of turn called an Alamana. He said “your body is showing direction but your eyes are all over the place. That tells me you know what to do but you are not confident in it. You aren’t really committed to the movement. Focus – laser like – in the same direction of your body.”

First, it vastly improved my turn. I’ve been bad for years about keeping my eyes down in everything from dance to public speaking. I just don’t meet people’s eyes. I don’t like it. But, in doing so, my turn got alot better.

And in talking to Elena (not Andrei’s Elena – best friend/blogger Elena) about it, we both realized at the same moment, that there is a spiritual lesson in that observation. That your actions may show to a watching world that you look like you are a Christian but your heart – your GAZE is not on the fixed point of the Cross. You might stare at it for a second but you flit off to look at something else. Without your gaze being focused on God, the direction you are traveling is largely meaningless because it’s as though you are walking a path with no destination in mind. You don’t know where you are going or why you are going in a particular way.

And because of that – my expensive lesson was worth EVERY penny.

And tonight, when I came back for the dance after today’s bootcamp, David called me into his office where he and Andrei were sitting. He says “I am so glad you are back. I heard you laughing during the group classes and it made me so happy to hear you.”

And then Andrei went onto gush about our lesson and made me promise to come into the studio even if it is just to practice and not take lessons. That there has to be major improvement for the next time he and I work together.

We talked about jet lag and traveling and how David needs to bring them here alot… or maybe they should consider moving here! I don’t know how it switched but on my way out, David said “She’s one of our best students… she has some of the best musicality here.”

“Oh yes! I definitely see that! Not really something you can teach.” Andrei added.

Todd was very very happy when I told him. I am very happy 🙂 God is good! So is dance 🙂


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