It’s an Eggar suit…

You just can’t go wrong with saying that (from Men in Black if you don’t remember).  I must leap completely out of character for this blog to present to you the Eye of the Boob.. I mean Tiger swimsuit.

Jen sent it to me.

Do not look directly into the eyes. You could get slapped. Hey! Although, you have an excuse… you were looking at ONE set of eyes…. they just happened to be lower than the set she was born with. They don’t blink. They don’t stare off into space. Oh… but be wary if a breeze comes by! They could bug out at you like in the cartoons (ok, maybe not that extreme).

One set is if she’s wearing that suit!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  I will admit that I had a similar t-shirt back in the 80’s that I wore once or twice.  But I think I was 12, so I have being naive as an excuse.  An adult chose this suit.  They have no excuse.  Just bad taste.  Then again, the 80’s was all about bigger and badder taste.


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