I should listen

On my bus ride home, a woman named Lisa sat next to me.  When she got on, I could see she was exhausted and at the end of her rope.  She asked if it was alright to sit next to me.  I said ‘of course.’

I felt in my spirit that I should take out my earbuds and talk to her.

I didn’t.

About 5 minutes later, she asked me about where one of the routes went and what time it left.  I explained it to her and we continued to chat.  She had gotten sick and got off the other bus on that route to throw up (outside – not on the bus).  Turns out she only lives about a half mile from me.  She said she was going to have to walk from the bus stop to her apartment (which was mostly up hill and about 2 miles away).

I felt in my spirit that I should offer to give her a ride, but I didn’t.

When I told her that I did the park-n-ride thing and suggested she try that once they shut down the route that runs by her place, she asked if I would give her a ride home.

I immediately said yes and that I was happy that I could be a blessing to her.  But, I still feel a little pang of guilt that I knew I should have spoken first for the same result.  She was ecstatic and prayed a blessing over me for my kindness.

She was much happier when she got off the bus than when she got on.

I am thankful that I was obedient the second time around.



  1. Kathy T. · June 22, 2008

    I swear I cry more on your site than any other. Geez.

  2. Jonnelle · June 22, 2008

    Didn’t mean to make you cry. If it does make you feel any better, I rode home again with her Friday (gave her another ride to her apt. She got on the correct bus but then told the driver the wrong name of the street she lived on and he said he didn’t go that way… so she got off and switched to our bus).

    She invited me over for dinner soon as a thank you. I also got to teach the young lady who looks like Britney Spears on my bus about showing grace to our very.. uh… irritated driver.

    All in all, it was a good week. 🙂

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