Are your nails too long?

(to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw” or as we probably know it “do your ears hang low?”)

Do they get in the way?  Can you not use an iPhone, no matter what they say?


As someone with kind of long fingernails, I really don’t know what they are talking about.  My nails are about the same length as the one lady in the picture in that above article (notice, I said fingernails – not claws… yeesh.  There is such a thing as too long) and my iPhone and I get along swimmingly.

Again, Apple can’t help it if there is a problem with the end user who can’t really figure out a way to orient her hands to use the iPhone and keep her 10ft nails.  Steve Jobs designed a beautiful product meant to restore a sense of child-like wonder about technology and the universe as a whole where you have alot of your music, your email, a REAL web browser, and many other cool things at your fingertips any time you want them.



  1. Jennifer · June 24, 2008

    Oh my gosh. Can these people find something legit to complain and whine about if they’re going to do so? Get over it!

    Though I’m surprised we’ve not heard from the vampire community regarding this.

  2. Elena · June 24, 2008

    Vampires trying to use iPhones with their teeth? Now that would be an interesting sight to see! ;oP

  3. Jonnelle · June 24, 2008

    *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom*

    Has to taste better than a Zune.

  4. Elena · June 24, 2008


    No matter the “flava” combo of the Zune.

    I’d rather have an apple. Er… Apple®.


  5. Austin Chu · June 24, 2008

    I blogged about the same thing on I think it’s kinda bogus that women are complaining. In my opinion, long nails are good for two things: scratching backs and taking off stickers.

  6. gretchin · June 29, 2008

    haha fingernails are soooooo over rated! lol

    I use to always keep up with my nails and now with 2 kids in tow I could care less if I chew them off. Heck I need something to divert myself fom munching on food if I am going to successfully compete in this Muffin top challenge!

    By the way, how are you doing with it??

    Cant wait to see your updates!

    Keep up the hard work, it pays off.

    Muffintop blogger

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