What did you use?

What resources did you use when you first became a Christian?

Did your church, assuming you attended one, have a new believers class? Was this class tied to church membership?

Did your church give you a book? If so, what did they give you?

Did they recommend any books/resources to you? If so, what?

If you met a brand new believer, what 3 books would you tell them to read?

Thanks for your help!

(To explain why I’m asking this: I had a meeting with Pastor Pete and I asked him what Cross Point was doing for new believers.  At the end of it, he asked me to come up with a list of resources for the church to evaluate and ultimately give to new Christians.  Having been in a Church of Christ school growing up, when I became a Christian I already had a certain level of Biblical knowledge… I hadn’t really internalized what was in Scripture.  So, looking at this question from my perspective isn’t very helpful.  I’m working on a survey to other churches but also thought I would ask the readers of my blog.)



  1. Scotti · July 8, 2008

    I started out with the Holy Bible beginning with the book of John. I then read Romans and then onto the rest of the New Testament.

    A friend gave me the book ‘Seeing and Savioring Christ’ by John Piper which is a great book for new believers.


  2. Jen · July 9, 2008

    As far as books, the very first thing they ought to be reading and relishing is the Bible. Period (the Amplified and ESV are really good versions). Once they are well-grounded in that, they can add additional things, like books from Spurgeon, Lewis, Chesterton, John Edwards, et cetera (note “additional”).

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