“I would rather swim in a river of boiling snot than wear a pair of crocs.” Simon whatever his name is on iLove the New Millennium on Vh1.

“Aren’t these like jellies for Millennials?” (or something like that) Amy from Evanesence

“WHO WEARS PLASTIC SHOES?! If you Ken, you wear plastic shoes. If you are GI Joe, you can wear plastic shoes.” Luis

I hate Crocs.  There isn’t a thing you can say to me that will convince me otherwise… much like my great disdain for hoodies.  I put down a garment at Lane Bryant that I LOVED the print on.  When I flipped it around and saw it was a hoodie, I put it back.  It’s completely irrational… but you will just have to deal.



  1. August · July 23, 2008

    I agree. Plastic + Feet= Icky

  2. Jen · July 23, 2008


    Besides, they were originally intended to be nothing more than easily washed garden clogs – easy to slide on and off, easy to rinse mud off of – not for public consumption.

    Their sheer ugliness is proof of that.

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