I gained Smith and Wesson

If you’ve known me for a while, you know I lost alot of weight.  I blogged about it alot at The Scratching Post.  One of the earlier posts being where I announced I had lost 20lbs – or the equivalent of my kitties.

I’ve known for some time that my weight had been creeping back up… especially when I had to go buy new pants at the beginning of the summer.  Today, I’m reminded of it because the arms of this shirt are too tight and it hurts.

Last night, I finally got onto the scale to see what the damage actually was… and it was much worse than I imagined.  While I’m not back to my absolute heaviest, I am almost back to where I started when I began working with Alison at the Center for Human Nutrition (the weight loss part now closed).  I nearly had a panic attack.

I did cry.

But it is also something that I know exactly how I got here.  Exactly.  Just this past week, there was enough candy to put someone into a sugar coma.  Doughnuts, muffins, pizza, cake.  I was lying to myself that the one piece of fruit and one veggie were doing me some good, particularly when chased with a 400 calorie dessert.

After I did that, I went downstairs and threw out the remaining doughnuts and muffins.  I’m donating the candy to the dish somewhere on this floor.  This weekend, I am going to seriously plan out what I will eat this upcoming week.  I changed my bus route so I will have 15-20 minutes every morning to walk.  I am so winded after walking just that short amount of time.

But it’s new today.


One comment

  1. debday · September 13, 2008

    It IS a new day and new beginning…don’t you love that? Think about it, one of life’s least recognized or appreciated miracles is that every 24 hours we have a clean slate for a fresh start to the day ahead! You made use of that new start taking positive action! GREAT work now just stay focus and move ahead. remeber it is a lifestyle not a ‘diet’, ENJOY THE JOURNEY! Be blessed!

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