No smoke for you!

The complete smoking ban is the latest in a series of increased restrictions on campus smoking, which began in 1989 with a ban on indoor smoking. Designated or outside smoking areas were established on campus in the 1990s, and enforcement of the designated areas has been stepped up in recent years.

But those designated spots will disappear effective Sept. 1, replaced by a more vigilant group of smoke patrol employees who will guide faculty, staff, patients and visitors to the closest areas where they can smoke – essentially the sidewalks on 21st Avenue or Blakemore Avenue, said Ken Browning, director of VMC Plant Services.

“Vigilant group of smoke patrol employees…”

Isn’t anyone else bothered by that? Next they will say “no ice cream for you.”



  1. Bob · September 15, 2008

    This lawmaker did a lot of his own researxh before declining a statewide ban.

  2. Bob · September 15, 2008

    oops. “research”

  3. Jonnelle · September 15, 2008

    Bob, thanks for the info. The situations are a bit different as this is a ban on smoking by a private employer and not the state.

    If I were a smoker and I didn’t like it, I can work elsewhere.

    Given they have moved all of the smoking areas away from the interior of the Medical Center campus, I have to walk right by the new area to get to the gym.

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