Biggest Loser – Families

I said I wasn’t going to watch this season given this article about what some contestants go through to lose weight on/after the show and that the first season winner gained all of his weight back.

In watching the intros of the couples, I started crying.  There is one father/daughter couple.  They are about my dad and I’s size.

I thought about my dad.  He died in 2004.  I thought that if my dad were still alive, we could have gone on that show…

We would have won.  My dad was hyper-competitive.  I inherited my competitiveness from him.  He was also a major charmer and would have convinced anyone to vote for anyone but us.

He died of complications of morbid obesity.  He had a massive heart attack.

I am NOT going to be dead at 54.



  1. Frank · September 19, 2008

    We are watching it. It motivates us to keep on keeping on. I am not a candidate for the show yet, but I want to stop before I get there. I want to reach and enjoy retirement with my lovely wife.

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