New Page…

I’ve added a new page, Stewardship of the Earth, which is a little bit about my green efforts and links to other resources.

When you have some time, I would encourage you to check it out as well as visit your local farmer’s market.  Eat locally when you can.  Eat seasonally when you can.

Jen – you can have your spinach year round 😉   Hehehe.  I doubt that will be on the list of things on which God will judge people.

I know it isn’t feasible all the time for everyone, but I believe every little bit does make a difference.

Oh, for those that might be concerned… I am not turning into a hippy.  No need to send Cartman after me.


One comment

  1. debday · September 16, 2008

    HEY now- ‘ain’t nuthin’ wrong with hippies! I joke with my daughter all the time that when I get old I’m going to ‘run away and join a commune! Yup ever have researched a few….LOL! Great info on your new page!

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