The Election…

I agree with Vox (and here)- I hope Obama wins because the meltdown will be short and swift.  Will he?  I don’t know and truth be told, I don’t care.  I can’t stand McCain.  He’s nearly as liberal as Obama from my perspective.

I didn’t vote for either one of them.  I will never support either one of them and would only acknowledge them as President due to respect of the Office.

It’s like what Murray Rothbard writes in America’s Great Depression – recessions are necessary in free market economies.  They root out bad debt and stupid investors.  It’s a shame people get hurt but they are generally short (2 years).  The more the government meddles, the more it falls into a Depression that can last for a decade.

I really don’t feel like arguing about it.  So I likely won’t respond to any comments made.  I’m ready for the mostest importantest election ever to be over.

The Path to Purpose

Pastor Pete challenged us on Sunday to answer the following questions.  I scribbled some answers in my journal during the sermon (sorry!) but want to expound on them here.  These are my answers for this season of my life.  2 years ago, they were probably radically different… 2 years from now, they may be different, still.

Shamelessly ripped from Without Wax:

1. Who Am I To Serve?

Your deepest purposes must bring good to someone who is without justice, reconciliation, or hope. It might be abused women, orphans in Africa, or business men who don’t know Christ.

2. Where Am I To Be?

What is the primary context where I will serve the people I’ve been called to love?

3. What Burden Am I To Bear?

This is so important!! Everyone of you reading this right now is called to battle some unique effects of the Fall.  Don’t just blow by this. Stop for a moment and think about this… there’s a problem in this world that brings you to tears or makes you downright angry. What is it?

4. How Am I To Engage?

Your engagement to the problem might be to pray, administrate, teach, serve, lead, paint, sing, confront, repair or nurture. EACH of us will do what we do with a style which reveals something about God in a way that no one else can.

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