Worst Movie I Saw in 2008

Wanted with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy

I’m pretty good about suspending disbelief with movies and just letting it go but dang… it’s pretty rare when I come across a movie where I just have to say


So, people are willing to let a loom – A LOOM – randomly determine who lives and who dies (via binary code!) but belief in a merciful, loving, just Creator God is too much. That’s a crutch for weak minded fools but smart weavers discovered a code and created The Fraternity to save humanity.  If they were so awesome, why didn’t they kill Hitler or Pol Pot or Dane Cook?

If you haven’t seen it, don’t.

UPDATE:  Apparently, I’m not the only one to think this whole movie, or at least the Loom of Doom, is ridiculous.


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  1. Will · December 30, 2008

    Thanks for the heads up re: the movie, “PK”, but I gave up on Angie and Brad some time ago. Speaking of which, you don’t suppose Angie’s father (Jon Voight) being a card carrying Republican is behind some of her public displays of hatred towards him, do ya?!? Not that being a “Republican” means much anymore, either. FYI, I was the guy who posted on your old blog urging you to vote for McCain. I’ve since concluded—based on the post election response of so many “Republicans” and supposed conservatives and, yes, supposed “christians”—I’ve since concluded that you were right. I wanted to tell you that. From now on I am going to vote my conscience. But really, beyond that, I think you and I are probably in the same place in life. Like you, I’ve come to the end of myself and to the end of my hope in the so-called “evangelical movement”. All I want to do now is to know my Lord better and to be found in Him no matter what else happens. I say this because at the end of my twenty years of activism, blogging, talk radio-ing, and calling my representatives in Washington, I end up with….President Barack Obama. Obama is, plainly, the kind of president the global-secular-lefties want and demand, a kind of secular god-as-government messiah. He is the end result of 60 year of militant atheism and fabian socialism and postmodernism and darwinism that has rotted our society to the core. As such, he is plainly antichrist, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. I didn’t say he was THE antichrist, but that he plainly moves and thinks and operates in the same spirit. I honestly wonder if there is any point in continuing my political and scholarly activism if this society is so far gone as to put someone like Obama in office. Like you, I despair, but yet I hope, even as I weep on my knees. Maybe that’s where we need to be anyway.

    Well, just wanted to wish you well. I’ve enjoyed your blogging and your realism and your personal real-ness a great deal. Take care of yourself.

    Will, Louisville KY

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