Just… Really.

I know my first post dealt with fat people being bullied. I promise this blog won’t be solely about that but, I just need to say this.

Person: “I don’t know how you walk in those things.”
Me: “Very carefully.”
Person: “Yes! I hope your ankles can carry all that weight.”

I was on my way to lunch when someone said that. My BLT didn’t taste very good – and we are talking bacon makes everything better.

I cried. My friends on Facebook provided encouragement and good counsel.

I prayed a lot this afternoon and finally got up the nerve to email the person to ask if we may speak privately (I went to the office but they were with someone) about what was said in accordance with Matthew 18:15. They may not have seen they email yet. Or they may claim that they did not receive it. So here is what I’ve been thinking and praying that I will say:

When I was on my way to lunch, I heard you say something and I could not believe it. I heard you say ‘I hope your ankles can carry all of that weight.’ What was supposed to be a fun, light-hearted day was nearly ruined by your careless words. You turned creativity into a fat joke. It was mean and uncalled for.

As a fellow believer and your sister in Christ, I feel compelled to draw this to your attention so that you can take this to our Lord in prayer and rest in His teachings. I would like to encourage you to spend some time meditating on I Thessalonians 5, where Paul encourages believers to build each other up or Hebrews 10 where we spur one another on in love.



  1. Jen · October 31, 2012

    I hope this person responds to you in kind and not with further cruelty. That really was a horrible thing to say—yes, it may have been pure thoughtlessness, but that isn’t an excuse. xoxoxo

  2. Jonnelle · November 1, 2012

    This person and I spoke. We cleared the air. They apologized. We hugged. God is good all the time.

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