Reading Is Fundamental


Most of that article and the comments were a high-level of stupid. There are always going to be people who put on airs about liking a particular thing – Star Wars, anime, basketball – but aren’t hobbyists. Should we demean their passing interest? No.

You were a newb at one time, too. Show a little kindness, respect and appreciate people for who and where they are. Just because someone isn’t a huge fan now doesn’t mean that at a later date they won’t grow into liking it later.

I had a similar experience with Doctor Who. For my friend Beth’s birthday, I agreed to watch several episodes because she is a fan. I took an instant dislike to Rose but thought the Ninth Doctor was OK. I watched those episodes and moved on.

Several months later, I saw a couple of BBC America specials on Doctor Who – locations, women of Doctor Who, science of Doctor Who, and villains. It gave me the overview of the series. Then there was the Eleventh Doctor marathon. Matt Smith is adorable as the Doctor, and I was hooked.

Will I love Doctor Who as much as I love Firefly? Eh. Probably not. It’s all good though. Just because someone doesn’t love that thing you love as much as you do doesn’t make them a bad person – just different.

I just realized that most of the posts on this blog thus far center on a ‘being different is ok’ theme. Perhaps I’m trying to re-assure myself of that.


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