Love Story

Today is Valentine’s Day. It is a day for chocolates, cards, flowers, expressions of love, and all other manner of fuss.

Being an intensely practical person (especially as I’ve gotten older and buy my own stuff), gifts don’t matter to me much. I recently took the 5 Love Languages quiz and was a bit surprised by the result. I thought the dominant love language would be Words of Affirmation (8 out of 12) but mine turned out to be Quality Time – with 11 out of 12 points. Does this get you out of buying me a birthday present? No.

I can’t recall a Valentines where I celebrated it with a Significant Other. I intensely disliked celebrating it in school because it was a major popularity contest where if it weren’t mandated that everyone had to give everyone in the class a card, I would have received few. See poor Ralph from The Simpsons

Ralph’s Valentines

I’m also not one for Romantic Comedies because I think they are even more unrealistic than science fiction. I can count on one hand the number of romantic comedies I’ve enjoyed – more for the comedy rather than the romance.

All of that to say, I don’t mark it as “Single Awareness Day” and I don’t deliberately try to rain on couples who are posting love notes to each other (or how they met) on facebook. I love hearing how people met because it connects me to them as people – my friends.

I love celebrating that with you. I would only ask that you not speak down to me or say “I’m sorry.” I’m not.

Since this is Empire Haz a TARDIS, I’m going to list a few of my favorite Science Fiction couples:

  • Amelia Pond and Rory Williams. Or as The Eleventh Doctor calls them – The Ponds even though they are the Williams. I didn’t care for the way Amelia would just leap over Rory at the beck and call of the Doctor but when they separated, it broke my heart and their confession of love for one another in “Asylum of the Daleks” makes me cry every time I watch it. When she chose Rory over the Doctor in “The Angels Take Manhattan ” all I could finally was say was “she got it right.”
  • Mal and Inara. It is clear from the get go that there is sexual tension. He’s jealous; he knows he can’t ‘compete’ with the clients from her world. She’s mystified by him in that he is probably the one man she’s come across who hasn’t tried to court her (even in the ritualistic Companion sense) and that he stays behind his walls. When he sleeps with Nandi in “Heart of Gold,” Inara puts on a good front that she isn’t bothered by it but she is crushed (as we see later when she sobs.) Nandi saw right through the front and to protect herself from disappointment, Inara runs… again… leaving Serenity. Her first time to run was setting out on the boat in the first place, running to hide because of her terminal illness (sorry – this blog is always full of spoilers.) Of the two, I tend to think Inara is the more messed up because she has been taught NOT to form attachments (only to give the appearance of one) and when presented with an opportunity, she doesn’t know how to handle it. Mal has his own set of issues (judgmental, angry), too. I would love to know more about their story post-Serenity. 
  • Han and Leia. This wouldn’t be my list if it didn’t have this couple on it. “I love you.” “I know.” “There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.” “I happen to like nice men.” “I’m a nice man.” I haven’t read any of the extended universe books to see how their lives turn out post-Return of the Jedi but Han is just awesome.

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