Awesome Choice

Here we are – day 3 of the Blogging Challenge! Today’s topic:

Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome.

When was being single really awesome? Uh… I can’t really think of any because I generally don’t think of it as being really awesome.

OK, maybe there are days when it is better than others. I can watch what I want to. I can come and go as I please. Everything in the fridge is mine. When I’ve watched the end of my friends relationships, I can be there for them but haven’t experienced that heartache personally.

Maybe the mission trip to India would have been harder to manage if I were married (and he didn’t want to go.) But I am the sort of person that when I make up my mind to do something, it is getting done. If you aren’t helping me, you best just get out of the way.

I couldn’t imagine my life without that mission experience – or the Indian women’s reaction to telling them that I was 36, lived by myself, had more life opportunities than they could dream, travelled half way across the world to sing songs and dance, and was not a widow. The cultural difference was as wide as an ocean. It was something they just couldn’t see happening (at least regularly.) And they couldn’t understand the choice.

It isn’t always a choice. I chose not to accept a second date from the last fellow I went out with. It was apparent a few minutes in that he and I didn’t mesh well together at least in the longer term. Why try to force it? Say thanks and move on. There were guys I would have given my left arm for them to ask me out but they didn’t. So that is more choice.

Most days, I accept being single for what it is – where I am now. I go to work. I make my meals. I play with Smith and Wesson. I hang out with friends. It is what it is – neither truly bad nor truly awesome. The days where I feel overwhelmed by it happen more frequently than any time I feel blessed by this “gift” (because if it was a gift, there are days I’d return it!)

I think I will choose to focus on the positive, on the joy around me rather than lament not being in a relationship. That is the awesome part.

I have a choice.


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