What a love wants

Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants.”

Day 6. What am I going to do with you? Really? You had to ask me that. Geez. If that’s the case, the love life I want is non-existent. That can’t be right. Up until the date a few months ago, I would be embarrassed to say exactly how long it had been between dates. Maybe this quote feeds back into what I talked about earlier – fear of commitment, fear of being really known by someone.

What kind of love life do I want?

Full of honesty, grace, time well-spent. I’m not a hearts and roses kind of romantic. If you want to bring chocolate, that’s ok. Getting me something will get you a “thank you” and I may really like it but it doesn’t speak “I care about you” the same way that hanging out watching Firefly and Doctor Who (if you do that – you are a rock star!) for an afternoon or spending a Saturday on a service project would.

What do I want to give?

Myself. Who I really am – the good, the awesome, the bad. Support. Love without reservations. Without strings.

Part of Mandy Hale’s 30 day blogging challenge


One comment

  1. bridjview · October 9, 2013

    okay listen, my friends thinks i am too serious but listen you want a man to stop play you have to show him that your not, for instant in a relationship and every time your along with him is phone with more than a doctor girl pack your bags go. if he really wants you, he want tell you leave. when you have him h will know what kind of love, loving you want, and how to set the mood.well this is only my view.

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