Pay it forward

25)   Describe a moment when you “paid it forward.” What happened and how did it feel?

Several years ago, Cross Point Community Church did a church-wide study of The Purpose Driven Life. As a part of it, they encouraged everyone to sign up for a community group. In the group, there was a young lady who had only recently moved to Nashville. She and I were talking after and she said she looked forward to coming – not just for the study or friendships she was making but it was the one time per week she was getting a decent meal.

I can’t remember if she was a struggling musician or a recent college grad making next to nothing or she spent most of her money to move there and the rest on rent but I do remember her saying that she was hungry.

My brother and I had just decided to go on South Beach Diet and were getting ready to clean out the pantries. So I boxed everything that hadn’t expired and gave it to her. Pastas. Sauces. Canned Veggies we weren’t going to eat (because canned green beans are of the Devil!) It was two huge boxes by the time I got it all put together.

I saw her the next week and loaded it all into her car. She was stunned speechless.

I got a thank-you note from her. She said she had gone through the food and there was so much that she gave some to the immigrant family next door who were also struggling to have enough to eat.

I was  and am still so happy to know that there were now 4 or 5 people going to have full bellies for a few days, ease their budges a bit to help them get rolling.  It thrilled me to no end to be such a blessing. A small act of kindness had such positive waves flowing from it. Thinking about it makes me want to do more – how can I give more to those who need it. God has given me so much; blessed me in so many ways. There are times I’ve completely mis-managed it… but I’m learning, by His grace. And when I have the opportunity to give like this – it’s amazing!


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