May the Odds be ever in your favor

Dr. Amy Sturgis is hosting a free online class on the Hunger Games through Learn Liberty Academy that begins today. It culminates with a live webchat with Dr. Sturgis and one of costume designers from Catching Fire (DID YOU SEE EFFIE’S OUTFITS!!! SERIOUSLY! EEP! So, yes, from a geeky girl who wants to do more cosplay, this will be a great discussion!)

Disclosure: I knew Dr. Sturgis before she was a Dr. and her husband was my undergraduate advisor way back in the day at Belmont University. He has (probably still does) a knack for creating little libertarian instigators (which I was). I think very highly of them both and know that this class will be challenging, informative, and interesting.

I’ve taken several Learn Liberty classes before and the scholarship, feedback and engagement with the faculty, support staff, and students has been excellent.¬†As always – you get out of it what you put into it. Read the articles, watch the videos, engage in the discussions and you will learn something new as well as get to know a group of folks passionate about the material like you.