Not Watching… I’m not watching!

They can’t make me. I am going to do my best to avoid any and all Olympic coverage (OK, I did look at some of the fashion high and low lights from the Opening Ceremonies). I went and brought down a thread on everyone’s favorite events at Pastor Pete’s blog. I want to expound on why I’m not watching.

2 years ago in Torino when they said the Olympics would be held in China, I was very apprehensive. I knew about the abusive government: oppression of speech, persecution of minortiries – ethnic and religious, ignored sweat shop labor, violence in Tibet… I could go on. Then they rounded up all the cats in Beijing to kill them as some attempt to “prevent disease”. They scared the populace so badly, people were getting rid of their pets – not just the feral cats. Did they miss that whole European Black Plague history lesson?

Jen put it this way for those of us who are believers – with the Chinese Government’s continued repression and violence against our brothers and sisters in Christ, to view these games would be like Jews watching the Berlin Games with Hitler in power.

Voice of the Martyrs carries stores about the oppression of Christians around the world. How blessed we are to live in the US. Get down on your knees, thank and worship God for where you were born. Intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world who are facing persecution and possible death for our faith.

Write and encourage a prisoner today. VOM’s site will give you phrases in the native language along with an address to send it to. It costs less than a dollar. I am sure the encouragement will be priceless.

Birthday Wish

Sunday was my birthday.

We had an all-worship service along with communion at church. There was time for personal reflection at the end of service and here is what I scribbled in my journal:

What is it about birthdays and New Year’s that cause us to face our live anew… to look at where we’ve been and where we want to go. What I what for my birthday isn’t more stuff…

I want a life worth of “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I want a life filled with and marked by worship.

I want the life God has form me. Forgiveness, love, grace, gratitude, worship, giving, sacrifice, living by the Kingdom and living for the Kingdom.

Birthdays make me very idealistic and sappy… sort of.  Now… to the task of actually learning and living the life I wrote on that page.  I ask God for the strength and wisdom… for His grace that I may love others and show grace… never to forget the incalculable value of Jesus’ death on the cross.


If you need to be inspired to believe the impossible, read Mark’s story.  This isn’t the whole saga but… yeah… it’s enough.

God continually amazes me.  His blessings are abundant.  He is above all things.  When we are willing and obedient… amazing things happen.