John Madden-ism from the Super Bowl

“He’s the third wide receiver for Arizona. When you see him, Arizona is using 3 wide receivers.”

“He got deep penetration.”

“They tried it.  It didn’t work.”

“Brent Kiesel put a lick on Warner as he released” – Frank Gifford

“You run on passing downs; you pass on running downs.”

“I need a Madden to English Dictionary.” – Andrea

“If there’s nothing there, he can just go.”

“He’s a football player first, a receiver second.”

More as the game develops.


“I would rather swim in a river of boiling snot than wear a pair of crocs.” Simon whatever his name is on iLove the New Millennium on Vh1.

“Aren’t these like jellies for Millennials?” (or something like that) Amy from Evanesence

“WHO WEARS PLASTIC SHOES?! If you Ken, you wear plastic shoes. If you are GI Joe, you can wear plastic shoes.” Luis

I hate Crocs.  There isn’t a thing you can say to me that will convince me otherwise… much like my great disdain for hoodies.  I put down a garment at Lane Bryant that I LOVED the print on.  When I flipped it around and saw it was a hoodie, I put it back.  It’s completely irrational… but you will just have to deal.

Seeing things…

So when it tells me “Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool” does that mean its going to take windows (because I find Windows and Microsoft to be malicious) off of here and magically turn into a computer I can use… you know.. like an iMac or MacBookPro with OS X on it.

At least Steve Jobs is a benevolent dictator.

Are your nails too long?

(to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw” or as we probably know it “do your ears hang low?”)

Do they get in the way?  Can you not use an iPhone, no matter what they say?


As someone with kind of long fingernails, I really don’t know what they are talking about.  My nails are about the same length as the one lady in the picture in that above article (notice, I said fingernails – not claws… yeesh.  There is such a thing as too long) and my iPhone and I get along swimmingly.

Again, Apple can’t help it if there is a problem with the end user who can’t really figure out a way to orient her hands to use the iPhone and keep her 10ft nails.  Steve Jobs designed a beautiful product meant to restore a sense of child-like wonder about technology and the universe as a whole where you have alot of your music, your email, a REAL web browser, and many other cool things at your fingertips any time you want them.

It’s an Eggar suit…

You just can’t go wrong with saying that (from Men in Black if you don’t remember).  I must leap completely out of character for this blog to present to you the Eye of the Boob.. I mean Tiger swimsuit.

Jen sent it to me.

Do not look directly into the eyes. You could get slapped. Hey! Although, you have an excuse… you were looking at ONE set of eyes…. they just happened to be lower than the set she was born with. They don’t blink. They don’t stare off into space. Oh… but be wary if a breeze comes by! They could bug out at you like in the cartoons (ok, maybe not that extreme).

One set is if she’s wearing that suit!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  I will admit that I had a similar t-shirt back in the 80’s that I wore once or twice.  But I think I was 12, so I have being naive as an excuse.  An adult chose this suit.  They have no excuse.  Just bad taste.  Then again, the 80’s was all about bigger and badder taste.